Granite City Food & Brewery

My family had a wonderful experience at Granite City Food & Brewery located at Legacy Village in Lyndhurst last weekend. We were able to speak with a manager and chef about our tree nut, peanut, milk and egg allergies.  Upon entering the restaurant, the host had a complete ingredient list for every meal at the host stand and to put us more at ease talked to the chef right after handing us these lists.  The chef on duty had a shellfish allergy himself and offered to either take pictures or bring to our table any packaging from items we were interested in ordering. My children were thrilled to eat hamburgers wrapped in tortillas and steamed veggies.  We will definitely be dining there again soon!


Shuhei Restaurant

Dining Experience

shuhei restaurant
Our family recently enjoyed a birthday celebration in a separate dining area at Shuhei Restaurant in Beachwood. They were very accommodating to our nut, milk and egg allergies.  When making the reservation, our needs were clearly stated.  Upon arrival, we spoke to the chef, manager and our waitress. They allowed us to bring in our own birthday cake and were gracious about all of our needs.

-NEOFAN Member


Buffalo Wild Wings


Our family recently had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings in Avon Lake. Before arriving we checked out the online allergen information which was very detailed. At the restaurant the our waitress made sure to note on our order that we had a member of our party with an egg and tree nut allergy. She offered to show us another copy of the allergen list with the menu and assisted us with ordering. We were very pleased with our visit and found many things on the menu we were comfortable ordering.

-NEOFAN Member