Maggiano’s at Beachwood Place

We eat at Maggiano’s all the time and they are great! The chef comes to the table to discuss the food options and takes the order of the individual(s) with the allergies. They are very accommodating and friendly. They always make my son very special and we enjoy eating there. We have had similar experiences in other Maggiano’s across the country. (Peanut, Egg, Dairy & Gluten).

Dairy Queen, Lyndhurst Ohio

Dairy Queen has been great for our nut and peanut allergies. We always mention the allergies, and they take care not to put our order near the nuts. The machine only has chocolate and vanilla flavors. FYI, they make and package their own ice cream bars and cakes there, so the employee there said that if we give them a heads up they can package the items on a clean surface/take care. Very friendly!